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Originally Posted by Almaretto View Post
You need to configure phone in setting to display. If not equipped, you can also code in office functions.
Part of my problem is right there: it doesn't show up in office! Would you have a good resource to recommend to code? I'm pretty computer and tech savvy, but have never done any coding on cars and what I've found is... subpar.

Originally Posted by BarlasaM View Post
It will ask you to give it permission to sync and access your Phone Book, and Messages or it might say MAP(Message Access Profile) Access.
That's what has me worried right now: it asks for phone book, but not message access... It really seems the common thread is this Enhanced Bluetooth. This leads me to a question though: what exactly is Enhanced BT? I don't remember seeing that anywhere in options when I bought my car. Are we talking about the "Cell phone package" that includes CarPlay and wireless charging pad? Because I don't see any mention of the bluetooth being any different in my documentation.

I've read the package files for the US and it seems we got quite a bit less options in Canada, or at the very least they are not packaged the same. That option was the only one I didn't get (because they are running out of 2017 stock and can't order new ones anymore). Worst case I can always get the Bimmer-Tech option I suppose.

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