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Originally Posted by pixlplague View Post
I definitely don't have 6NS as it's not even an option in Canada. But that just adds to the mystery: I do have audio streaming, but not messages... And I can confirm that the first three option sliders are there, but not the Message access one. This means the phone is not even prompted to allow access: it really sees the car as an audio device only (with mic, i.e. phone capabilities).

I'm at a loss here... I might have to go to the dealership but I'm not convinced they will even know. Last time I had similar issues with my F30 they brushed me off saying it was the phone (spoiler: it wasn't and I updated my iDrive myself)...
I am not familiar with the standard and available options on the Canadian Models, but based on my quick research on BMW Canada site, looks like you might need the "Smartphone Connectivity Pkg". It says it includes Extended Smartphone integration with wireless charging. I have to do more research to see what exactly is Extended Smartphone integration is, unless some one here can educate me.