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cell Phone Install

i was generally unhappy with the location of the wireless charging option in my m550i. I often have a coffee mug or water bottle in the cup holder, and the phone is hard to get in and out without juggling.

Further, since I like to use waze on busy traffic days, there was no place to place the phone and see it easily. I have tried the screencast to the big screen, which works, but removes too many features if I drive such as cell phone, music, etc during use to be usable.

So my goal was to find a cell phone holder that looked good, and was useable. charging was not necessary, but high on my list.

The gerenal options of window sticky, dash sticky, and vent options were explored, but all fell short on cosmetic and function.

I have used the brackets from proclip on my f10, and tjought that was the best I could do. the clip looks terrible, and breaks easy, but the function was very good.

while searching for an alternative, I found KUDAUSA.COM with custom leather that matches the interior. I ordered the G30 bracket, along with their HR mounts.

I am very happy with the bracket, which I installed without any screws. their HR mounts on the other hand are junk, and I am returning them.

I found some material from SewellDirect that is microsuction sheets that will hold the phone easily. being black, it matches the leather look very well.

I also purchased a fast QI charger from Amazon, which I disassembled, and fit inside of the KUDA mount, hidden, so that now the mount gives me a wireless fast charger (Samsung s8) and a great place to hold the phone. total install was $89, and took me an hour to do, with no drilling.

I am attaching pictures of the inside of the mount showing how I placed the charger, along with links to products I used.


fast wireless charger

eBoot 10 W Fast Wireless Charger, Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8/ S8/ S8 Plus/ S7/ S7 Edge/ S6 Edge+/ Note 5 and Other Qi Devices, Smart Lighting Sensor
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