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Originally Posted by Dknj23 View Post
Thanks for DIY, just installed however this am when I went to turn it on and started driving my laser alert was going off constantly. Anyway looks like due to all the lidar based options, driver assistance, lane change etc this sets off laser. Looks like Iíll have to disable laser band on valentine.
Originally Posted by lordbaron View Post
I had similar issue. I discovered moving it further up the glass helped, so that the sensor was a bit further from the actual windshield. I have it on the left side of the mirror.

My v1 is the latest firmware. only the low sunrise / sunset will cause it to go off now. prior to relocating, it was a constant issue.
Hey Guys,
FYI, the laser goes off constantly due to the POP detection in the V1 radar unit. I had to turn this off on my previous cars due to the lane departure/etc. functionality.

To do so, follow the below if you have the Valentine 1, no need to turn off laser. I had to do this again because I sent my V1 back to the company for the updated version on their upgrade program and forgot to turn this feature off:

I. How to enter the Programming Mode.
Starting with the Control Knob in the "off" position, Press and hold-in Knob and at the same time turn the Knob "on;" continue holding in the Knob until all front-panel lights are on (takes about 5 seconds).
Release the Control Knob.

II. How to determine your software version.
Press and immediately release the Control Knob to display software version. The software-version number is four digits that display one digit at a time in the Bogey Counter-example: 2.869.
Note your software number, then see the table below for features that are programmable in your unit.
Press and immediately release the Control Knob to exit software-version display.

Update the "J" code feature to "Off" (down arrow)

Hope that helps.