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Originally Posted by prince1566 View Post
It's the best looking diffuser for this car on the market.
I installed it by myself, Its a bit hard to do it the way it was recommended by future design which involved removing the whole back bumper. So installed it without removing anything extra.

1. remove the bottom screws for old bumper 1 screw on each sides and 4-6 in the middle.

2. Align the new diffuser and install the 2 side screws. i did not reinstall the middle ones.

3. Apply 3m double sided tape on the top edge of the new diffuser.

4. use self-tapping screws total 6 with 3 on each side where install the reflectors to secure it with the factory bumper.

5. You wont be able to just push in the reflectors any more because for the 3 screws we just installed, so just apply 3m double sided tape on reflectors and push them in.

Tip: remove excess 3m tape from some parts where its not needed after installing, use a trim tool. Also you'll need a friend to help you while installing the 6 screws.
Wow! Thanks for the well written/illustrated reply!