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Originally Posted by corn18 View Post
This should go to auction. That will get the best price and the most exposure. Go slow and donít jump at the first offer which will be at least $50k (I would offer that but itís worth twice that at least and maybe more at auction). Do you have any box or paperwork? Provenance will only make it more valuable. Now is the time to sell as the vintage Rolex market is crazy and this is a crazy awesome watch.
Youíre probably right that an auction is worth considering. No box or papers, but it runs fine and seems to be in pretty decent condition from what little Iíve seen. Iím going to sign up with the forum, show it off a bit, and see what happens. I donít need to sell it, but Iíd be interested in exploring it given the current market.

Kind of a funny story how I got it. I was helping a girl pick out a vintage watch as a gift for someone else in the 1990s. We went shopping in Manhattan and wandered into a watch shop. I was wrist-modeling the watches for her. The clerk showed us a few and then brought this one out. I didnít know anything about watches back then, but it just spoke to me. I told her I really liked it, and she bought it.

The guy didnít know what he hadóthere was no talk about it being a Bakelite, or rare. If I recall correctly (and I might not), he sold it to her for about $1,500. Well, she ended up breaking it off with the guy she bought it for, and never gave it to him. Years later, I married the girl and she gave it to me as an engagement gift.

I wore it as my daily for years never having any idea that one smack against a door jam and I could have destroyed the most valuable component of the watch. Then I got into watches and discovered what I had. Havenít worn it since, lol, but I replaced it immediately with a 16710 Pepsi, which now has a nice patina and continues to be one of my dailies.

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