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Originally Posted by openwheelracing View Post
I am not talking about complexity of movements. I am talking the brands in general. Everyone in the business will tell you nothing comes close to Patek and Rolex, in that order.

Plenty of complex horology to go around, no one really cares. A Lange, Audemars, Vacheron, Richard Mille, Blancpain to even Nomos and Seiko. It's the perception of brand value that stands out, hence Patek and Rolex are so sought after.
If by "Business" you mean jewelry business where they are just trying to make a sale, sure they will tell you Rolex is the best thing in the world.

If you are talk the actual watch business, no one will tell you that and you will get laughed out of any serious watch discussion with watch people.

Originally Posted by ASAP View Post
Please note... the marketing, branding and history is a HUGGGEEEE part of all of this. While Rolex certainly doesn't have the complex movements or rarity or specialty of AP, Patek, ALS etc etc... it has massive world renown as a luxury item not just a watch. It's recognized above all of the above as a symbol of status. AP probably will not be known outside of the watchworld or by enthusiasts... I could go around ask 10 people and all 10 would know Rolex, maybe 2 would know what AP is... that alone is humongous. The other big names only really have a meaning for enthusiasts and collectors.
Yes, Rolex has made a name for themselves, and as such, has been able to rest on their name instead of advancing horology. Its not a bad thing, as they are an iconic symbol of status, but just because everyone knows their name, doesnt make them great.

Originally Posted by ASAP View Post
That only has meaning to enthusiasts, collectors and watch experts... the masses will never ever see it that way.

I mean listen, we all could say Alfa makes some great cars, Giulia QV included...yet we all somehow drive M3's.
Originally Posted by ASAP View Post
Yeah, but most people simply do not have that many watches nor do they care enough... for those people Rolex will always be top... as far as complexity, horology etc etc... I honestly think time (no pun intended) has in many ways surpassed that field as cheap items like the Apple watch are far more reliable, accurate and can do more than tell time. I see all of these watches as a luxury good and the Rolex name rings top in that dept to most of the world.
The people just buying the watch because they want to say they have a rolex arent exactly what I would call watch people. They are more jewelry people IMO. Not that their classifications of brands are wrong, but they just dont know any better.

Over the years I've had everything from cheap seikos to 30k+ pateks. You know what always, without fail, gets the most comments? Any rolex. You could have someone wearing a "cheap" $3k datejust on one wrist, and a 30k multicomplication ALS on the other, and the datejust would get more compliments.
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