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Originally Posted by openwheelracing View Post
I care about the movements as much as the next watch guy, but I am not going to pretend some Patrimony Grand Moonphase Tourbillon Alarm Bell polished with Stardust somehow equates to horology royalty. Absolutely not. They sell a hand full to people who can barely spell UUUblow. They lose value faster than BMW 745i, and no one knows if that thing still works after warranty.

Rolex movements are absolutely top notch without all the fancy decorations, but that's okay for 99.999% of collectors. Just think about the 3185/3186. That's a masterpiece.

Say what you want, I love watches and my opinion will never change, same as you. I say nothing comes close to Patek and Rolex, in that order. I hear this regularly from those who I trust most in watch collecting, and my experience tells me this is true.
if you count a standard 4 hand movement with faulty GMT modules that have a high rate of failure a masterpiece, sure, they are a masterpiece.

This year alone ive replaced over a dozen of those modules.

The ETA 2893 movement does the same thing that 3185 does. As do numerous other low end movements. You have obviously bought into the Rolex hype which is ok. That is what it is intended to do.

Hell, even the Omega 8605 is a better movement than the 3185/3186 and it is found in watches sold at less than half the 116710LN
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