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Originally Posted by ASAP View Post
I mean what happens if I tell you (and I don't believe this btw)... that Rolex marketed themselves as a tool watch and their watches are massively resistant to shock, can be used in subaquatic depths and were at one point massively respected as a proper tool in their very field... i.e. diving etc...

Again, I don't believe this... as I still think they are a luxury watchmaker / jewelry brand but let's not spin shit 720 degrees without giving them credit for their beginning being completely different... frankly I think if you go back 50 years, I think the only other brand of this class that anyone would recognize was Patek... AP and everything else named above had 0 meaning to almost anyone.

I, for one love Vacheron but could not pay that type of money for such a niche / unrecognized brand.
and omega and blancpain and jlc and numerous other brands (squale's divers came out years before the rolex sub, and Panarai was making dive watches decades before them). in fact, the blancpain fifty fathoms was the inspiration for the rolex sub.

Tudor as well, but tudor = rolex without the rolex name so i didnt feel like it needed to be added.
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