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Originally Posted by hellrotm View Post
Excuses...excuses. They could have developed an engine and shared it with other platforms(like the old 1JZ and 2JZ). Spread the r&d cost. No one said it had to be Supra only.
What platforms does Toyota have that could use a longitudinal mount inline 6 turbo? I suppose they could use it in the Lexus lineup but I would guess they would have already developed an inline 6 for those cars if that was the direction they wanted to go in. I don't think people understand how risk averse Toyota is as they simply aren't going to put resources into developing a low volume seller like the Supra and truth be told they aren't very good at making cars like this anymore as you only need to look at the 4000 lb beast that is the RC F to see that they just aren't the same company that made the A80 Supra.