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Originally Posted by See5 View Post
The Supra isnít overweight IMO. C&Dís example came in at 3372.
Agreed. ~3,400 lbs for a 2 seater is rubenesque, but is by no means fat. Here's my "sliding scale" of car fatness for 2 seaters based on curb weight.

~4,000 lbs or above: Morbidly obese.
~3,600 lbs: FAT. But if you're The Mountain I certainly wouldn't call you that to your face.
~3,400 lbs: Rubenesque. Curves in all the right places. Child rearing hips.
~3,200 lbs: Athletic. Fit. Played QB in high school.
~3,000 lbs: Metrosexual Asian guy.
~2,800 lbs: Olympic swimmer skinny.
~2,400 lbs: Starving African child.

Anything significantly above said weight scale, might as well buy an SUV (most SUVs are LIGHTER than that). Anything below that scale? It's either called a unicorn, or "because race car."

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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