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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Remind what your angle is again? Do you think this won't be faster than cars much more expensive? Are you just mad that you can't use the leaf spring argument anymore? I really don't recall why a $70k-ish car that handily outperforms more expensive players has you so angry.
Why would I have an angle? I'm pretty sure I've said nothing negative about it in my previous comments.

Nothing about this car makes me angry, not in the slightest. I don't care for it's body and think the interior layout is crap, but if that's your dream car - have at it!

What is annoying me is people here that are arguing things that can't be backed up empirically because the car has not been released yet. They're arguing that this is going to be a great car, based on marketing info. They're arguing it's going to beat the best cars made, in all ways, before it hits the street.

You know what, it might be the best car ever made, but there's no one here that knows that. Hell, GM doesn't even know it yet. That some of the people can't yet understand that they've been the info they've gotten is marketing wank, even if it's released by 'engineers' is staggering. They can't seem to understand that GM will (as any company will) represent the car in the best possible light, not a realistic light.

I got 'the derp is strong with you' and some wank about conspiracy theories for stating that manufactures misrepresent or release wrong info sometimes from some guy. That tells me they don't want to discuss the car so much as masturbate to what they think it might be. Fan boys are very tiring.