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Thats not quite what he said. He said that he would have pushed Hamilton harder than his previous teammates. There's a big difference.

That being said, it shouldn't come as a surprise when a driver makes a remark that's similar to the former or latter. They have to constantly sell themselves in hopes of remaining relevant and getting better opportunities in the future. Admitting you couldn't do a better job than another driver wouldn't do anyone any good. That's why I tend to ignore these comments for all the drivers and not read much into them.
The Dutch article said it otherwise . It was the title of the article (Please use Google-Translate) => .
*Ik had Hamilton wel verslagen in een Mercedes* In English => *I had defeated Hamilton in a Mercedes*

Perhaps Ricciardo is looking for attention
Hmmm, thats interesting to see, thanks for clarifying. I'm assuming one got lost in translation in that case. I can link the article in English that I read if anyone is interested.