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Originally Posted by joshuastein55 View Post
C/D's 10 Best hasn't been making sense for years. This year is even worse, especially with putting the SUV's and Trucks with the Cars. Sometimes I think their bias is a little too obvious, especially with the Honda Accord.

The GT350 is an amazing car, and has beat out the M2, Supra and Cayman in a comparison, as well as the Supra in a separate comparison. Yet the 10 Best are revealed and the Cayman and Supra both of which lost, receive a spot, and the GT350, a car that has received universal acclaim - and it deserves it - from C/D and others, is no where to be found on the list.

Same thing happened years ago when the Mazda 6 beat out the Accord and Camry in a comparison, and was claimed as the best driving and overall mid-size sedan, yet the Accord was still featured alongside the Mazda in the 10 Best.

Sometimes I really agree with what they do and write, but other times, I don't understand their choices.
C&D 10-Best is about the 10-best "all-arounders" in their respective classes. In the case of the Accord vs. Mazda6 and Camry... If you read those individual comparison tests, they are usually seeking out the best (insert specific task here) in the category. It could be the "sporties mid-sizer for someone who can't afford a seperate sports car in the garage" (i.e. Mazda6 in that case), or the "best easy to live with for someone who just wants comfort and low maintenance" (Camry)... but for 10-best, C&D is looking for the best all, around package.

Same thing for the 350. It is an outstanding track car, but for a liveable, daily driver sports car; the Cayman and Supra are going to eat it alive.

Just my two-cents.