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Originally Posted by OkieSnuffBox View Post
This is the same stupid shit that killed of the Focus RS.

A few years ago before I reigned in the budget and just bought a used 135i. I went to test drive a Focus RS, SS 1LE, and an STi. I took my helmet with me to see if I'd fit, as the plan was to occasionally take my DD for HPDE.

No dealer would let me drive the Focus RS. They all basically said, "Let's get the paperwork done and you can drive it around the block, and then if you don't like it, we can tear up the paperwork."

Sorry, not gonna happen.

The Chevy and Subaru dealers had no problem letting me take them out. The Chevy guy didn't like when I walked the SS up the onramp a bit sideways.
Never understood this mentality from a dealership. The single best way to get someone to buy a car like that is to have them drive it and love it.