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Originally Posted by Conissah View Post
I test rode my exact bike before I purchased... I've never had any problems test driving anything (used 2015 Jeep GC, new 2019 Ducati, new 2019 Mazda 3, new 2020 M2C). As long as the dealer knows you are a serious buyer, they usually don't have a problem with it.

Hell, when I got my bike, I didn't even have my endorsement, just a permit. He told me they weren't supposed to let me take it out, but they did anyways. And guess what, I bought the damn thing as soon as we got back from the test ride.
I guess itís a Japanese sportbike dealer thing, they donít allow test rides too often. I used to come for parts to some dealer which had BMW and Japanese bikes, and every time I would stop by near any BMW bike they would ask me if Iíd like to test ride it. If I stopped by a Honda - it was like I didnít exist)
Yeah, no test drive or test ride- no sale