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Originally Posted by glennQNYC View Post
Their "job" is to sell cars. If they can do that without providing test drives then they will. They're not required (as far as I know) to provide test drives for every model they sell. The point that is being reinforced by some responses like yours; is that providing test drives builds zero loyalty or even appreciation from shoppers. THAT is specifically why more test drives aren't provided. Dealers obviously aren't seeing enough benefit for the cost of providing them. 💡
In some cases, yes you're right. However, you can't make it a blanket statement without data to show it being right.

You know what is sure to not get a sale? Not allowing me a test drive. That's part of why I drove down to MD to buy my Hellcat.

There's no cost to a test drive. New cars don't have zero miles on them before any test drives.