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Originally Posted by AP View Post
Did they state why?
Any particular reason you are asking for this other than to have the latest?
When i went in today, they said they would update the software and the maps for 160 and that the current software was as 02/2017, ie had never been updated since manufacture.

the fact that maps were mentioned makes me nervous that they didnt really mean a full software/firmware/idrive update, i am getting it in writing..

the reason is last time i bought a car, i test drove one and got album art from my ipod classic, but the car i eventually bought of the same era, e60 i think it was, did not show album art when i plugged in (and also didnt search by postcode on navigation). I dont want to be in a situation where i am missing functionality for what should be a straight forward enough process.

the salesperson worryingly mentioned that there were different versions of software within the g30 range, he said as much as full version of idrive different. I would love to see a document that showed which versions went with which manufacturer date and what the significant differences are between them.

does anyone know of a link to this info?

also does anyone know what has versions in a g30. I have heard of at least two, idrive and istep..what version should i be looking to put into contract if i can get them to update?

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