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I'll admit, I cried almost the whole time I toured the NYC 9/11 museum. Especially the crushed firetrucks.
While I wasn't directly affected by 9/11, I still take it personally as I'm part of the brotherhood of first responders. I've paid my respects at Ground Zero a number of times. My wife asked if I wanted to have a picture taken of me in front of one of the responding stations as I was looking through the list of the fallen fire fighters. I said no. It's not about me.

I also remember the rage I felt when I was at Ground Zero after the recovery effort was done and the debris was largely removed. I was angry at the cock roaches which had set up their kiosks trying to peddle their 9/11 related merchandise. The whole stretch resembled some sort of flea market bizarre.

I'm just glad I can say I was able to help with giving some pay back to the dirt bag terrorists after 9/11 with my work in supporting counter terrorism efforts.
....and then Obama gave $6B of our tax dollars to the dirtbag Iranian terrorists...
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