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I don't think that is necessarily true--what we have is a generation of adults now who were not really here when it happened. Those of us who were adults at the time will never forget. It is kind of like Pearl Harbor--most of us only know about it from pictures and history books so it does not seem as real. Of course as time goes by any event becomes a more distant memory.
I think it is true. Regardless of whether you were old enough when it happened, there's a fundamental decency and respect lacking in people's conduct and observance of this tragic moment in our history. This is evidenced by what I have observed on a number of occasions of people's conduct at Ground Zero.

I wasn't alive when Pearl Harbor happened. But I know I wouldn't go to the Pearl Harbor memorial laughing/joking and taking selfies of myself there. Takes a special idiot to have this kind of disrespect at someone's grave site, where someone died, where someone was killed.

In the case of Ground Zero, it's a place where people were murdered and it ended up being their final resting place.

To add to how society has changed for the worse, this is some evidence of the cock roaches that are mixed into our species:
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We might not be in an agreement on Trump, but I'll be the first penis chaser here to say I'll rather take it up in the ass than to argue with you on this.