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Originally Posted by OlBloo View Post
Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
....and then Obama gave $6B of our tax dollars to the dirtbag Iranian terrorists...
1. It was actually their money that we returned
2. You do know the hijackers were Saudi and Emirati correct?
3. Our "partners" in Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the #1 exporters of terrorism in the world, not Iran. But because they have a lot of clout from their oil reserves, we tolerate them.

Originally Posted by jgoens View Post
I don't think that is necessarily true--what we have is a generation of adults now who were not really here when it happened. Those of us who were adults at the time will never forget. It is kind of like Pearl Harbor--most of us only know about it from pictures and history books so it does not seem as real. Of course as time goes by any event becomes a more distant memory.
I agree all history becomes a distant memory and ultimately forgotten. Should we expect everyone to commemorate one specific terrible event for the rest of our lives?
It was $400m of their money that we froze in our banks, in the late 1970's. They held (and abused) 150 Americans for 1.5 years, and trashed/confiscated our embassy. For that, I would consider the $400M our money - as compensation for the embassy, and each hostage should have received $1-3M.

Instead, Obama gave them the $4M, plus interest since the 1970's. He also paid them in small denomination foreign currency - which is a clear violation of numerous laws.

Never forget the Iranian hostage-taking either, nor Obama's criminal idiocy.

I agree with you about Saudi and UAE. We don't, however, need their oil - we have plenty of our own, except the environmental lobby has stupidly blocked its drilling.
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