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Originally Posted by apexit4 View Post
I dont think he is flying commercial. From the photo's I've seen posted by drivers on Twitter/Instagram, it appears most of them (if not all) travel by private jet (I'm assuming the are charted flights). To make it more economical they seem to travel together.

That being said, I cant imagine Lewis has take such a large step down from his mode of travel. He also seems like a very busy guy so traveling on chartered flights would be inconvenient. Maybe Mercedes loans/rents him a jet?

EDIT: Here are two of the recent photos that Ive seen posted that led me to that conclusion.
Lewis has his own jet for many years now.. it was visible near hangar area in Paul Ricard on helicams.. i guess it was the same one.. the darkish red one.. and sure Merc' provides more any time he needs it.. and as far as i know he sold it now.. after one of the pilots pooped in his toilet..
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