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Originally Posted by Radmobile View Post
Glass, glass, glass. With $1,000 to spend you won't be able to get a camera body that won't be limited by your 18-55mm. I'd suggest getting the best piece of glass you can, in the focal range you're seeking. New or refurbished (be careful buying used if you don't know how to properly analyze the condition of a lens such as mold growth), here are a couple thoughts:

35mm F1.4 or F1.8 (50mm full frame equivalent)
24mm F1.4 or F1.8 (35mm full frame equivalent)
24-70mm F2.8
70-200mm F2.8

All of which, assuming you get the FF version, will allow you to take your photos to the next level. If you decide to upgrade to a FF body then these lenses will be with you to make the transition.

If you decide to get a FF body now, you're going to spend all your money on the body and won't have the glass to match it.
I agree that glass is just as important and arguably more important than the body. However, with a budget around $1,000, you're knocking on the door of a Canon 6D. The Canon 6D can be had brand new for $1,299 and slightly pre-owned and refurbished for a considerable amount less (well within $1,000). It can be a very good upgrade from the current T3i Rebel that he has.

I did this very thing, once I used the hell out of my T3i, I upgraded to the 6D and couldn't be happier. You get to a point where the camera starts to hold you back and doesn't allow you to continually evolve, improve, and take your shots to the next level when you're wanting just more features, function, or bigger sensor out of the camera.

IMO, if you aren't going to be taking video or shooting sports often then the 6D is the best bang for your buck full frame camera you can buy from Canon. Especially if you're main thing is shooting photography and/or shooting in low light, the capability in the 6D, for the price, is incredible.

With that being said, I'd save up the amount you need to allow you to upgrade the camera as well as getting a versatile lens for it that you can use for awhile until you get enough money to add a second one to your line up.

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