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I would consider upgrading glass vs the body at your budget but if you really want a new body I'd go 80D.
I'm also planning to upgrade from my older T2i later this year but I'm waiting for the 7D3 or the Fuji X-T3. I would stay away from the 6D and 6DII unless you're just doing stills and have no use for video. I had originally planned to buy a 6DII but it was just too much of a compromise, focusing system isn't great, especially for moving subjects. For many of us that aren't pro's it's simply not enough bang for the buck especially in the company of the 80D and soon to be 7D3.

When it comes to crop bodies, I'd go for an 80D and skip the 60 or 70D. With the 80D you get Canon's new sensor which adds considerably to the dynamic range, especially if you need to pull back or push exposures, shadows, etc.
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