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Given the fact that there are a lot of opinions going on here about the 335i, I would like to give my two cents on my 335i coupe and my clk 320 convertible. After having the car for two weeks, I honestly am in love with the BMW for its awesome engine. The car is the beast and I love everything about it from its sound to the super crazy torque. This is a drivers car and it is purely for fun driving. In fact, my ego gets stroked quite a bit knowing that I can tame such a beast as the 335i. Lol. Its definately feels that way and i always feel like the prized beast when driving around town. I'm always on the look for cops and knowing that if I get tagged, I'm dead. I love this car dearly for pure fun. Oh god, the torque feels like a roller coaster ride. I love it! One thing that I don't like is that BMW charges you for every single options including leather which I did not get. I do not regret it at all since I truly enjoy the leatherette. But its funny to see a car with 9 years ahead of my Benz lacking such features and more. (Pls see below). Of course this is my first BMW so please correct me if you feel other wise.

Now heres the part for the Benz:

For a 9 year old car, my clk 320 is not bad at all. If anything, it was beyond its years when it was built in 1999. The design is definately ageless and I personally think that it looks better than the new clk class. It has vented seats, heated seats, headlight washers, dual climate control, and awesome leather seats. I think that this car was a transition car between a bullet proof Benz and an annoying low quality Benz since I haven't had any serious problems but some small annoying stuff. I'm a firm believer in changing your oil every 4k and do tune ups every 30k or so. One problem that did took place was my leaking convertible top, other than that its cool. The quality inside the Benz if anything is better than the BMW, more old school and feels like a country club. Where as the BMW feels more contemporary, sporty and it has a jazzy feel to it. As far as the engine goes, I think that the smoothness in a Benz cannot be duplicated any where. When I drive it, it feels like you're floating around town in a bubble wrap blanket. It corners well but nothing like the BMW. I can't describe it well but hopefully you guys know what I mean.

So in conclusion, the BMW is a drivers car and it is worth every penny for that engine while the BENZ is the best value for the money if you just want a luxury car.