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You cannot compare current 7er with current S class...S class and MB is always a couple of years ahead and it is a newer model ,but with the new 7er and new models coming things will be chaniging I hope..MB was always pure luxury and saftey , its a straigh line car , autobahn cruser , top quality , image , tradition and it has a star on the hub....simply 'big' nice looking car
(by the way the other day I saw S550 4matic standing near my house with NY plates , it was alpine white with panorama roof , by looking at it I though my God what a piece of machinery I also think it was an L version , never saw a better looking car in a while , not even AMG nor Brabus cant compare with this one it looked huge and so good)
...nuff said

what I think in general is that BMW drivers and owners (most of them) dream of having MB one day...true right? the forum ull find these words , I dream of having SL AMG CL....and I own M3 or 330i or 645i...nevermind , bmw is a drivers car , super handling , uncofortable (some), high rev engines , low torque , big power , angel eyes , mean look - bad boy IMAGE...and thats what it is , younger people drive bmw , while older do MB.