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Originally Posted by thebishman View Post
You guys with your noses so far up Crashstappen’s asshole really crack me up.

Listen for once instead of constantly making excuses for your ‘Superhero’s’ mistakes:

The team principle of Red Bull Racing; Christian Horner, who is Mad Max’s boss said that the racing incident was unavoidable when Lewis had the “tank slapper”; (look it up) in the middle of the corner.

What he didn’t say, but is obvious for anyone with a brain to see who isn’t so biased that they piss bright Orange, is that if Maxie Boy had left Hamilton a little room, instead of as he always does which is try and drive someone off the track surface, they wouldn’t have touched!

Further, Mad Max further effed up his race by trying to slam the ‘door’ on Bottas, resulting in Bottas’ front wing slicing Max’s rear tyre.

Maxie has a ton of talent, perhaps more than anyone else currently driving, but his temperament and bad Sportsmanship is going to prevent him from having a career like Schumacher or Hamilton. He’s his worst own enemy, and those of you who adore him are doing him no favours by making excuses and blaming others, who are also entitled to share the track surface remember, every time he effs up.


Fact! he has a boat load of talent but he needs to learn to THINK...

As far as LH haters are going to hate.

The red pony once again killed any chance they had of a win, simple like that.

LH is the master of tire management ,put that in your pipe and smoke it. Like it or not he is on his way to being GOAT...

COTA next stop WOOT!!!!