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HAM is not only the best this season he is also the luckiest driver in the world.

VER need to stop putting his elbows out so far and be patient. His move on Leclerc in Austria should've been penalized but the stewards are too much of pussies to do it in front of the oranje army and on the RedBull ring. And he better learn to respect the rules that are there to protect the safety of everyone on the track.

LEC should learn from VET that not everything Ferrari "strategists" tell him he has to do because they're morons!
I believe VET was more the victim of bad Ferrari strategy than LEC because he nursed his mediums so he can be on a one stop but the morons had no data on how long the hards will go and that took all his advantage away from him.

VET is learning to stay out of trouble and in the modern F1 ot looks like that's the way to go because adventurous driving kills the tires and any bodywork damage kills efficiency.

And for fucks sake Ferrari. Mercedes never allocates the same amount of tires for HAM and BOT so the can practice on all compounds and collect more data. But the morons at Ferrari didn't do long runs on hards so they didn't have data which lead to a lost 1-2! They have an experienced driver and a very motivated driver and they are wasting both their talents!