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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
If he is the best driver ever, why did the back end come out? A few grams? It took about a foot of the leading edge of the side of the floor out...the part that smooths the edge before it goes under the car. But keep up with this narrative to make yourself feel better.

C'mon. Max is an AMAZING driver but since Hungary and Germany he is believing his own press and thinking that he is Hamilton's equal or better. He isn't on either account. Talent without accomplishment is simply potential. Max has great potential because his driving ability is in the top 1 or 2 percent of F1 drivers. This is not enough. His fans, his family, and the Dutch press are doing him a complete disservice. He messed up massively this weekend. Massively.

His problem right now is between his ears and it's a damn shame. He has the POTENTIAL to be one of the best ever. The Potential. Right now, he isn't. He doesn't know when to back off. He doesn't know when to let the race come to him. He doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. This is his 5th year in F1 and since the summer he is on a string of incidents that has damaged his races as well as other drivers. Stop voting for him as driver of the day if you are truly his fan and want to see him improve. As long as everyone is blowing sunshine up his ass, he won't get better. And for him to get better he has to get what is between his ears straight. Right now it's hash.
Indeed...its also interesting that some drivers are now giving Verstappen some payback for his overly aggressive driving (most recently Leclerc and Hamilton). I'm surprised it hasn't happened more often.