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Manual Transmission Logic Puzzle

Long ago back on the farm my friend and neighbor, at the energetic age of 15, wanted some mobility. Due to misadventures he was not allowed to even sit on a tractor, and the nearest pavement was miles away. But there was a plentiful supply of junk. So he decided to build himself a vehicle. Starting with a 10 hp engine from an old hay baler and the axle from a junked pickup truck he started welding. He used the transmission from an old English Ford (small car) and a belt tensioning mechanism for a clutch.

It was too fast for the conditions. So he stretched the frame and added a second transmission from a Falcon, connecting it to the back of the first transmission. Each had 3 speeds and the lower gears worked out pretty well. So here's the question, assuming none were the same, how many forward gears did he have?