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Originally Posted by Grip Addict View Post
It's used to track who follows you as Instagram does not do that natively.

All I am saying is the purpose of this thread is for the community to follow each other, - follow for follow - but what is happening is people are following people, then quietly unfollowing them after a day or so because unless they have a comparable app to the one I have they won't know.

I have 900-1000ish followers, while I am part of this thread, it isn't for me, its for the little guy who just made an instagram for his car or himself and wants to grow.

It basically helps no one and is pointless now that I figured this out.

I recommend everyone go download Unfollower (or a comparable app).
honestly it's so that people can gain followers, and then have the lower following number. simply put, and only try to follow accounts that have a large following that have the bigger presence on social media.

i mean for me personally i only have about 570 followers on my car account so far, but will follow back only people i know or car pages that have a good following.

but i won't follow someone just to gain them as a follower, and then unfollow them a few days later
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