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ICE run schedule for 2020 530e ?

I traded my leased 2017 330e to purchase the 2020 530e. The 12 mi, or so, EV range for the 330e meant that I had to run the ICE occasionally and I was always sure to get the temp gauge off the peg before going back to EV. I also didn't worry a whole lot about this as it was a lease. My 2014 i3 Rex would automatically start the air cooled scooter motor range extender about once a month for what the manual called a "maintenance run". The i3 also has a small pressurized stainless steel fuel tank to keep the fuel as fresh as possible for as long as possible. I would refuel when the tank was about half-full, which ended up being about twice a year--and I tried to do this during the time when ethanol was not being blended with the gas.

After about a month with my 2020 530e and it's 22-25 mi EV range, I have yet to need the ICE engine with my all-urban driving and Level 2 charger. So, what kind of "maintenance" run should I do?

While not SS, the fuel tank is about 10 gal and is pressurized, but I'm afraid that ethanol is in our fuel all-year, now, due to Corn belt State political influence.

Should I adopt a monthly maintenance run in which I get the engine up to temp? Harder to do now, as the temp gauge has been deleted from the instrument panel. And, will a 20 min run--best I can do on a monthly basis, do more harm than good? An alternative is to wait for the 3 or 4 times a year when I make an airport run of 35 miles to do a 70 MPH blow out and let things be, otherwise.

I sent this question to the BMWCCA Roundel Tech Editor, but Mike is on sick leave for the moment. What do the members of this forum think?