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Originally Posted by rts2101 View Post
Yikes! I picked up my first BMW, a 2019 530e, a few months ago. I've been lurking on this site for a few months and meaning to register as a user, but this post forced my hand.

I was not made aware of the Sport mode requirement/recommendation for 1200 miles to break the engine in. I'm at about 3500 miles, and guess I have about 400-500 miles on the ICE in that time. I drive 10 miles to/from work and can and do charge in both locations.

Should I go to Sport Mode Exclusively until I feel I have the 1200 miles on the ICE?? Or is it too late for a proper break in?

Great site and members here, BTW. Was hoping to register and provide a proper introduction at some point, but this post now has me worried.

Thanks in advance!!
If you've driven the engine conservatively in those 400 miles in line with the break in limits in the manual I think you're fine. There is the open debate on how important Break In is (some say it isn't), but since this is my first BMW I wasn't taking any chances.

I didn't need to run it in sport mode much as I did a 1K mile road trip shortly after buying the car and did a couple a few hundred miles on sport mode outside of that to finish the break in. Since the car doesn't tell you how many miles you have on ICE vs EV motor and it can switch so seamlessly I front loaded my break in so I'd have one less thing to worry about.