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Originally Posted by 11Past9 View Post
I'm looking to possibly buy an e36 m3 but I'm also considering other cars that I've driven and loved. I want to spend no more than $12,000 on something and it seems that this price cap can still get me a pretty nice M.

I've been looking for an s2000 and an EVO. Yes you can find plenty of good s2000s for that price and if you look hard enough EVOs too now.

The funny thing is out of all the cars I've driven I've never driven an e36 m3. I've always had a soft spot for estoril blue and techno violet etc however. I've been reading that these cars handle amazing and have a good amount of power to go along with it even with today's standards.

I did a little homework on the money shift and some of the issues with the car like the cooling system and suspension components.

What would I be getting myself into with a $12000 m3? If I found one with records that was taken care of should it be a pretty carefree basic maintenance experience for a long time or one of those "over $5,000 in reciepts over the past year" kind of things?

I understand these cars are not Honda accords but I'd expect at least that a well treated one could be kept running in tip top shape for not that much money or is there a certain point where you have to dump thousands into it even if something never broke?

Are they worth it?
I love mine, if you find one in good shape, good leak down and compression numbers, completely redone cooling system and a cared for suspension jump on it. If the seats aren't in great shape (the vaders tend to wear poorly) you can put some nice aftermarket seats in there for not too much money.

they are a hoot and even more so with boooooost!