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Originally Posted by 11Past9 View Post
How do they stack up compared to being in a newer car? Does there age make them a rattle trap? How much abuse can they handle and what are the expensive replacements and how often do they need to be done?
Mine is not a rattle trap at all, very solid. I'm sure you can find some that are rattle traps though . You have to remember that the e36's are light cars. Light car = less insulation from road and engine noises. I personally love the noises coming from my car. If your used to a Lexus smooth ride, forget the e36.

they can handle a ton of abuse honestly. They were built for track use just as much as for street use. Upgraded cooling, suspension and brakes and the e36 kills a lot of cars on a road course.

expensive repairs will be cooling, suspension, and god forbid a motor if you blow one but even then you can source parts cheaply.

e36's are cheap to repair ESPECIALLY compared to new cars. I love being able to pick up OEM parts or aftermarket parts for 1/4 the price of my buddies e39 M5....he hates that