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Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post
I wouldn't call them cheap to repair, but cheaper to repair. E39 M5 parts aren't that expensive (a little bitter...)

My g/f has an '97 M3 as her daily/autox car, and she has had cooling and suspention maintenance, as well as broken fog lamps and undertays, and occational gasket leaks that have required replacement.

I borrow her car for some autox events, and I sometimes feel like I drive faster in her 13 yr old M3, than in my 2 yr old M Coupe with a ton more power.

They are great cars.
thats because your suspension was lifted from the e46 M3...not specifically made for your car

or so I was told . One of the guys in my local club has a Z4M roadie w/ the Dinan strut brace and Dinan supsension, he has spent countless hours trying to get Dinan to fine tune the suspension but it seems to be just the wrong geometry so he's been told.

autox is ALL about suspension setups and weight as you well know.