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Most E36's you get are going to be older now, with higher mileage, so maintenance will come along with that. Generally, when all is running smooth, you should be able to use it as a DD no problem.

They're pretty simple to work on as well. My E30 left me stranded this weekend and it took me all of 4 hours to get the problem sourced and another two hours to remove & customize a new fuel pump (Mustang 5.0 GT sourced... lol), mount & install the sucker. The E36's are also relatively easy and shouldn't bring large shop bills if you have a little general knowledge of engines.

One of the things I find on my E30 (I've been using it as my DD for almost 3 years now) is there are certainly things that are needing to be replaced here and there, and you're going to find the same with an E36. After so many years, things are just going to break, or tear, or fall off.... etc.

They won't be as solid as a Honda... end of story. But they should be somewhat reliable all in all.
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