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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
@Rmtt What say ye regarding NRF 1&2, and related any products that claim to elevate?
Warning...this will be long.

If you are talking Nuclear respiratory factors.....I know that it is based on oxidation that affects mitochondrial function....or the downgrade of it as that is what powers every cell in our body.

Now exercise and some foods help activate those pathways to aide in mitochondrial production and raise ATP levels. But they only go so far.

I know of one product that actually has been shown in testing to improve mitochondrial function, lower cholesterol, lower fasting blood glucose, and has a lot of other benefits.

I will say it's considered a SARM which it really isn't as it doesn't fit that category, but that's what most people call it. It's also classified in the group of a pro-hormone, so it's considered a "gray market" supplement.

It went through clinical trials, but was pulled because of a claim they made that it could cause existing cancer cells to grow. If you do enough research, you will find that the trial they based that on was skewed because the dose given was 100 higher than what a human would take, and it was given to mice that were genetically engineered to have cancer cells for research purposes.

My personal thoughts are that big-pharma shut it down because of how effective it was, and there have actually been some unauthorized studies that show it actually inhibited cancer cell proliferation.

It's been out and in use for years. It was dubbed exercise in a bottle because it was developed for those people who were unable to exercise as it actually stimulates all the metabolic processes that exercise causes. So they wanted a product to improve health markers in people who were typically sedentary due to issues beyond their control.

The World Doping Agency was the first to ban it as it is so effective in benefiting any cardiovascular exercise. It makes your body's aerobic and anaerobic systems work explicitly more effective.

It is called GW 50156. I urge you to do a lot of research on it and draw your own conclusions.

I will say that I have been taking it under my Dr's supervision for over 2 years already. And when taken anything like this, I always reccomend that it's done with your Dr's approval. Ive been with my Dr for over 20 years, and we have tested a lot of things. I value my health more than almost anything as I have people that depend on me.

When I first started, my total cholesterol always stayed in the 170's and within 3 months it dropped and has stayed at around 130. Much better than any Statin and the side effects it gives you. All my health markers are excellent and I rarely if ever get sick.

If we were to see anything change such as white blood cell count or other associated factor...I would drop it immediately.

But we haven't seen anything but positive results. An example of one thing....before I could run all out on a treadmill and get my pulse into the 160's. Now I can exert more effort, go longer, and I can't get my pulse to go above 135. And when I cool down, my heart rate drops back to normal within just minutes.

Plus cardio wise....I can pretty much go as long as I want and don't get tired. It's kind of like when you get your "second wind"...but you have that from the start.

Now I'm not advocating anyone use it as it's for "research purposes" only. But given my contacts, and I know a lot of professional athletes that use it.... I know of plenty of companies that source, manufacture, and sell it in the US and guarantee its purity via independent labs.

Also it's cheaper than most OTC supplements as around $30 gets you a 45 day supply.

Also do some research on it on some of the "life-extension" forums. These guys tend to be on the cutting edge of anything that comes down the pipe that really help.....more so than weightlifters.

They are always on the look for things that could make someone more healthy, live longer, and have a better quality of life.

Later if interested, drop me a PM and I can send you some links and you can make up your own mind.

Disclaimer - I take this kind of stuff very seriously. Anything I Dr is fully aware of and has seen the studies. If in his opinion something isn't safe, I don't touch it. That's why I'm always harping about having a good personal relationship with your health provider.
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