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In addition to the post above, I will say that there are a lot of compounds out there that 99% of the population know nothing about. Most people don't need them, but some things out there are in my opinion better for you than prescription drugs.

They are legal, have scientific documentation backing them up that you can find on PubMed, and available pretty easy.

I can't tell you how many people I have been able to get off of their blood pressure medications with a simple supplement you can buy at the Vitamine Shoppe.

But one must do all the research and reach their own conclusions.

And you should always consult your Doctor before using any kind of supplement.

I can show you numerous items being sold OTC in GNC that can actually be harmful to you if you take them the wrong way.

So do your homework and look at all factors such as....
Does it impact liver values?
Does it impact blood glucose negatively?
Does it impact Hemoglobin and Hemotocrit levels?

I will add.... Food and drink can also affect the supplements you take. Alcohol can skew liver values, grapefruit can extend the half-life of a lot of things. So always research!

I want everyone here to reach their goals, but do so safely while being as healthy as possible.
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