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Originally Posted by psyki View Post
I bought an Oculus Quest for Christmas and also purchased Boneworks but haven't set up the software to stream it to the headset yet. What headset do you have? What other games have you been playing?

I've been playing the popular Oculus games, SuperHOT is freaking awesome, I played it on the PC but IMHO it was made to be played in VR. Robo Recall is a decent shooter, as well as Espire V1 as a stealth shooter.

Have you played any good adventure style games? I play tons of shooters on the PC but am looking for more story driven adventure style puzzlers. I just got Obduction (from the makers of Myst) and it's a trip.
I have the Quest as well. Just snagged a 10ft USB 3.0 cable off Amazon for like $15 and it works perfectly. Other than Boneworks, I have the Vader Immortal games (essential if you're a Star Wars nerd), and modded Beat Saber (for custom songs). As for other games, I like Red Matter on the Oculus store; it's not necessarily an adventure game, but it's definitely a puzzle game, I like it. Now that I have the cable tho, there are endless possibilities. I plan on snagging Skyrim VR here soon, would love to fight a dragon in VR.