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Originally Posted by Conissah View Post
Any VR players here? Boneworks is excellent, so much fun to be able to actually ADS on a gun and it actually hit where the sights are aimed. Plus full physics, it's great. Slowly getting over my spells of motion sickness from walking around and jumping in the game.
I bought HP Reverb a couple of days ago and I have somewhat mixed feelings, but overall positive ones.

The biggest "wow moment" was when I sat in the cockpit of HS-129 tank destroyer plane (part of IL2-Sturmovik WW2 flight simulator). And I literally mean "sat in the cockpit" because the experience felt so real that I became convinced I can reach out and touch the gauges. It completely blew me away, as I didn't expect that current VR technology can bridge the reality gap so convincingly and so vividly.

However the view outside the aircraft window only amplified primitive ground graphics of IL2 because everything in VR gets enlarged to scale 1-to-1 (so it can feel real), and that unfortunately applies to graphics flaws and deficiencies as well. So I am keeping my eye out for DCS Normandy map, as it features higher fidelity levels than IL2 maps.

Also, I am getting motion sickness when flying in IL2 VR, especially in late-war ultra fast and maneuverable fighters like Tempest and FW190A-8. I hope I can eventually overcome this, as it is slightly better after a few days. It may be a personal thing because I am generally sensitive to sensation of flight, which gets not only recreated by amplified in VR so convincingly.