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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
I'm not expecting bmw to turn over critical system functionality to Carplay or AA. If you dig into many of the iDrive 7 user frustrations, they surround the same things currently handled better by Carplay/AA.

Maybe if they let those go and just keep the core iDrive entertainment functions, then their engineers can spend more time on things like Live Cockpit customizations, getting reverse assist right, etc....

Tesla looks cool, but their UI lacks in many areas. The Model 3 needs self driving because trying to use that UI would otherwise cause an accident.
It is very complex to find the right balance. For instance, arguably the most important data for cars going forward is map data. You can't have really good autonomous car improvements without deeply detailed and accurate map data. This is also made harder by having the data updates occur very slowly. BMW wants you to use their maps so their system can get more frequent updates to ensure they have detailed mapping data. Paring down to entertainment only would put them at a competitive disadvantage for the future.

It seems odd that they "rushed" iDrive 7 onto the G30 with an LCI coming only a year later, but the only rational reason I can come up with here is that they are pushing hard for a common platform across their entire lineup to cut development costs and allow them to start delivering better on this front. Hopefully they are able to as if they don't Tesla will start to creep up on them more and more (especially if they improve the fit and finish of their interiors).