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I wonder what the OP did.

As for iDrive 6/7, my car has 6 (2019) and I've had some loaners with iDrive 7. When I first saw it, I hated it. Or to paraphrase the salesman in the movie Vacation, "if you think you hate it now, wait until you drive it."

Since then I had enough time in the car to figure out how to turn off all of the annoying things, like the constantly moving map in my instrument panel. However, it still sucks and I don't like it. I'm sure after a few months I'd get used to it, but these things make me wish for the old days.

As for integration, I'm old fashioned and when I'm in the car the most distracting thing I want is my music (which should be controlled by a volume knob) and I have no need to check emails and although having text messages on the screen is nice, it sure is distracting.

And my Note 9 (Samsung) will not fit in the charging tray. I blame Samsung as much as BMW, but it's kind of annoying that it has inductive charging and I can't use it. Ditto my M2.
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