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Originally Posted by Darth Federer View Post
Let me emphasize again, I'm not mad at you.....bro. Your posts just happen to be on these thread pages I'm reading and I think it's a good example of my point. If your doing all this work that's hard on your watches then why are you not wearing a g-shock or something? Is the purpose of your watch to tell you the time or to convey your status to others? The only reason I can think of is you need to be seen in a Rolex. To me that's a slippery slope of ego and keeping up with the joneses. It's probably no question the g-shock will be more durable for what you're doing and it will last longer than your fake Rolex that you have to reset 2-3 times a week. And to your point of what I can afford, I do own an M3 but the Rolex was just way beyond my means.
I responded in the other thread about this one. Again, I apologize for my condescending tone.

The assumptions were just a jab at your earlier assumptions. And no, I could honestly care less about what anyone sees me in. I park my M in between my buildings (store and laundromat) and it's behind a wall. When I go to the next town and stock up on store inventory, I either drive my 98 avalon or my toyota tundra.

You're right, a G shock would definitely suffice. I really don't have an excuse other than I've just been in the habit of slipping it on 6 days a week for work (married to my business, I guess).

Again, no offense intended, i just got a little defensive and lashed out.
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