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Does anyone on this thread know what status 047 means? I know it is part of the "Order Bank" of status codes, but would a production number already be assigned at this stage?

Here is why I am asking - I am in SF Bay and allocations for M3s here are non-existent. All dealers had told me there was at least a 4 month wait list - one told me 8 months. Today I get a call from a local dealer stating that they have a production number for me for a build on the 1st week of Jan. What I have learned from this post (great BTW) is that allocations and production numbers are only given in the previous month. Is it really possible for a Jan production number to exist in November? My gut tells me it is not real and that all I have is my name on a waiting list for a future allocation. The note on the screenshot provided by dealer under Status reads "047 Spec. released-no quota avail."

Any help would be greatly appreciated!