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Thanks for the great post! I've never really leased before, so this helped a lot. I'm hoping to start my search for a good ED dealership around Indy next year for a September trip. Couple of questions:

1. Would ~3 months prior to my ideal pick-up date be a good time to head to a dealership?

2. For a September trip, would this be a MY2017 model?

3. I used the formulas from the OP, went to Edmunds to get an approximate invoice, and used Decembers residual rates for a 39 month lease. Does the below attached information seem reasonable? Am I being too hopeful? The reason I added a down-payment (which I really didn't want) was to get the payment as close to $750/month after taxes to get it past the wife... I wasn't sure where to use the 4% discount for ED... used it on the Capital Cost, so the "price with incentives" is pretty much only using the 4% ED discount and possibly the $500 for being a BMW member. Thanks in advance for any help!
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