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There are 2 options to get this done and this DIY is for the cheap option.

Before I start, let me explain on the expensive option.
If your car didn't come with the optional Gloss Black Exhaust Tip, you can buy the OEM Gloss Black Tips. At this time, the price is about $69/side.

Now, since I have done a lot for the F15/F16 X5/X6, I decided to get it done with this G30 5'er.

You can get this done by cheap $8 rattle can Hi-Temp paint by VHT (I used the VHT Roll Bar Paint) plus your time (about 3-4 hours to fully cured for 3 coats) or powder coat.
The reason I didn't do powder coat, first because it cost more money and when I did it on my F15 X5, after some long distance driving, the powder by the edges of the tips melted and wrinkled by the exhaust heat.

So, now are the steps:

1. Take off the tips off the car by using rubber mallet. Hit it from inside going outward by the bottom corners evenly. Don't forget to hold the tip so it doesn't fall on the ground and get damaged.

2. Use sand paper to rough up the surface so the paint will stick better. I forgot the grits, I will update tomorrow.

3. Wipe down the tips down until there are no dirt or oil on it.

4. Lay it down and start spraying. 2 medium coats and 1 wet coat. 10 minutes wait in between coats and fully cured after 3-4 hours of the last coat. Just to be safe, I left it overnight.

5. After the paint fully cured, install the tips back by lining it up to the exhaust end pipes and tap it on each corner with your palm or fist. I don't use any tool for this since I don't want the paint to get chipped or dent the tips.

Here are the pictures when all done.

Note: I don't know how long it will last through car washes, but it should be no problem.

Good luck and have fun on this small project.
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