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Originally Posted by FrozenAg View Post
Thanks...if you don't mind me asking, what does your nutrition plan look like, at a high level?
I don't really have plan, at least I does not feel like a "plan" anymore.
But I can tell you what I do:
In general I eat less (much less than most people I guess...) - glass of water with apple cider vinegar upon waking, morning coffee with cream followed by two meals a day - breakfast/lunch at noon and dinner before 7:00PM. Plenty of water daily and PLENTY of sleep - 8hrs/day, longer on weekends.

I think you can classify what I do as Intermittent Fasting, as I get 16hr break from food every day.

Low to ultra-low carbs - I try for less than 50grams per day with weekly carb re-feeds - what that means I only have things like rice, bread or pasta on Saturdays.

I take vitamins on top of the fact that we consume copious amounts of vegetables in my family, but by no means we are vegetarians. Little fruit though - mostly berries.
My weekday routine contains lots of meat, eggs and dairy. I'd say 70% of what I eat... And I love mayo, lol... so by typical standards this is hardly "clean" - but it does wonders for me.

As strict as it all looks on first sight, I think my body is again able to process sugar properly, so I can take an odd break from this for special social occasions - like Christmas time etc. without suffering any consequences. Holiday season is no longer an issue. I will have cake and ice cream and beer and it leaves no mark - but that happens two, three times a year at the most.

I mean, after a while all of it became so natural I have no trouble continuing with this kind of lifestyle. It was hard for the first year, but now it really feels natural.

And I know that it works not only because it allows me to keep a healthy weight - it took care of many issues - GERD, high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, alarmingly high bad cholesterol levels, anxiety, trouble sleeping etc. and my immune system has been fully restored too - I have not been sick for years...
No colds, flus, nothing.
All that at 54 years of age - I am definitely in a better overall shape and state of health than 10 or 20 years ago.