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Originally Posted by prince1566 View Post
DYI Wireless Phone Charging Tray 2018 530i G30

Duration: 60Min

Things you need:
Console Storage box Wireless Charging charger For BMW 5 Series G30 2017 2018 (ebay) (seller tuningstore1949) $188 USD
Hair Tweezer
T20 Screw Driver
Trim Removal Tool
Add A Fuse Tap Standard Size
Something to fish the wire (I used a piece of CAT6 cable and trim tool)

Functions which will work:
You’ll be able to wireless charge you phone in regular charging mode
Ambient lighting will still work on the charging tray.

Function which will not work:
Phone Reminder (If you forget the phone in the charging tray)
Fast Charging

1. Lift both of the Cup holder rubber inserts from the edge with HAIR TWEEZER enough to slide the trim tool for easier removal.
2. Remove both T20 screws from cup holders.
3. Side Trim tool in the gaps and push down on each clip and fliting it from the front to remove the cup holder.
4. Remove wire clip connecting from cup holder for cigarette lighter connection and set aside.
5. Remove 2 T20 screws from regular tray.
6. Carefully unclip usb port from regular tray making sure not to damage it.
7. Slide out the regular tray.
8. Remove 2 T20 screws from passenger side trim making space to fish the wire for new tray.
9. Tape the end clip on the new charging tray connection to a piece for trim tool or something so you can fish the wire out on the passenger side without damaging the charging tray connection.
10. Side the new charging tray in.
11. No need to put back the 2T20 screws for the charging tray because you will need a longer ones.
12. Reconnect the cup holder connection for cigarette light.
13. Side back the cup holder into place, this will also lock the charging tray in position so those charging tray screws won’t matter.
14. Screw back the 2 T20 screws in the cup holder and drop back the rubber inserts. (If your usb port looks crooked like mine don’t worry, Just insert a usb stick to fix the position)
15. Connect the supplied extra cable to the charging tray connection on the passenger side.
16. Push the cable up and screw back the 2 T20’s on the passenger side trim.
17. Connect the RED end of the cable to ADD A FUSE TAP with 7.5 AMP Fuse.
18. Connect the fuse tap to F59 or F51 Empty Fuse on the passenger Side Fuse box. ( You can also connect to a same fuse tap if you have a radar or dash cam)
19. Loosen the nut and connect the Black ground wire to it.
20. Done, Done and Done.

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Attached is a PDF File with Pictures.
Terrific DIY, better than most and straigt to the point, I could almost figure it out just by pics. Awesome share.

PS. I swear if someone made a 3rd party cup holder replacement with bigger cup holders even removing that 12volt to do it, they'd be loaded. Why the heck did BMW make those smaller, i can barely fit anything in them ever. Its probably my biggest complaint about the car and that sucks. I legit cant fit anything i was able, from small shaker bottles ot even some regular water bottles. I dont think you need both USB and a 3rd 12v there... i m guessing thats a carry over from the cigarette smokers... thanks you you smokers lol.

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