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Originally Posted by Sassicaia View Post
Whats the weather like under that rock?
So what's your Trump/Russian collusion evidence? Please let us all know here, I'm sure Mueller would love to know himself.

Poor cry baby libturds, even with the MSM in nonstop attack mode for the past two years and all the BS concocted by the Dims in regards to "DJT/Russian Collusion", President Trump's approval rating is still 5% higher than the Obama messiah was at the same point in his Presidency.

My advice is to give up the obvious phony Russian/DJT collusion, and get back to race baiting and identity politics that the left excels at. You also have a financial collapse you could hope for!

More good news for DJT and America and bonus content for crybaby loser libturds! 10% spike in support for DJT among Hispanics! Better hurry up and demonize them too loony libs, get out your tired old racist/homophobe/antiscience/identity politics cries in a hurry! Make sure you tell everyone that anybody who supports President Trump is a racist nazi who kicks poodles!

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